Need help with my PC

Hello everyone!

I've got an issue here with my PC that needs solving, I'm honestly all out of ideas.

It won't boot at all. It doesn't even do a POST, the mobo just starts short beeping non-stop until it powers down.

I've tried looking at the manual for the mobo to decipher what it's telling me to no avail.

I thought it was the PSU at first, as I had the same issue with another PC prior to this one and it was the PSU that was causing issues.

The mobo in question is Gigabyte GA-H61M-S2P.

I've also tried removing most of the hardware leaving only the PSU, CPU and RAM inside of it, and it still does that.

I'm thinking it might be the CPU after all but I'm not sure. Any input would be very helpful, and thanks everyone in advance!

If needed, I'll also attach a video of the machine beeping later on.
I forgot to add, I've already purchased a new 600W PSU that is confirmed to work on other PCs, but still does the same thing on the one I was referring to previously. As for the CPU socket pins being bent, I haven't really touched the CPU nor its' socket at all when it stopped working all of a sudden. I've checked the pins and they all look fine to me, none of them show even a slight hint of being bent.

I'd say the CPU might be dead completely, but then again, not sure why it would just be beeping non-stop. As far as I know, non-stop beeping signals the PSU being faulty, but since the PSU seems to be in order, I'd maybe say it's either the actual mobo or CPU. I'm not completely sure as I currently don't have another functional PC handy where I could test the actual CPU out. Would there be anything else that would cause issues like these or just the CPU or PSU? I'm just asking so I can at least narrow it down to those two instead of replacing all the hardware.


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The CPU & PSU is functioning because it is giving you POST beeps. Those POST beeps are trying to tell you what is wrong. I would seriously consider this a RAM issue. You should remove all the sticks of ram and then put just one stick back in (Ideally in the correct slot according to your motherboard manual). It could also be a graphics card issue.
I've tried removing both sticks of RAM and booting the PC with each of them one by one, to no avail. What're the odds both RAM sticks die at the same time? A bit of backstory might help. I was on a trip for about 3 months and prior to that the PC was working fine, I got back home, tried to boot up the PC and that happened.


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Usually, POST beeps have a bit of a pattern you can follow. A sequence of short or long beeps with a pause in between. I doubt both RAM sticks died but anything is possible. Are you using a discrete video card? Does the CPU have a built-in graphics card?
So I'd just like to give a bit of an update, I managed to get it work. Looks like it was an issue with the RAM slots, not the RAM sticks itself, not exactly sure but it seems like one or both have died and don't register any RAM stick that I've tried putting in. Got a new MOBO in the end and everything works like a charm. Only thing I can complain about now is that my PC sounds like an airplane engine, even when idling, but it's not that big of a deal anyway. Thank you guys for helping!