Sound issues...nothing major

By Bark4Soul
Sep 28, 2006
  1. For some reason all I am hearing soundwise now is the backround of everything, like ambient sounds? I will use an example, I am watching a movie and I hear cars waaay in the back, wind blowing, but when people talk it is REAL quiet, I cant remember how to fix this, I did once, can someone help me, it's doing it in games too, what do you need from me to help here?
  2. Gosugod

    Gosugod TS Rookie Posts: 40

    In control panel there is "sound, speech, and audio devices" That's a good area to configure your sound output. You could have possibly plugged the sound device into the wrong port on the computer? I've had stupidity problems where I could hear **** but it was extremely awkward. Possible electronical interference, if there is metal devices(generally your audio cords touching the surface around the port it creates interference).
  3. rastafariporto

    rastafariporto TS Rookie

    maybe you have installed several audio codecs at the same time that are now interfering with each other. i had that problem once and i unistalled all the codecs and installed a codecs pack afterwards. it solved my problem

    if you want good codecs packs go to
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