sound problem

By raincloud
Apr 14, 2006
  1. The problem began as "the microphone doesn't work".
    nVidia chip on an ASUS A7N8X-X motherboard
    Windows XP Home SP2
    Athlon 1.8 GHZ
    768 MB ram
    Direct X 9.0

    2 different microphones were tried.

    The user installed a Creative SB 16 PCI card, but the driver installation routine hung at SBRES32.dll, which he left running for > 8 hrs.

    I tried a Creative SB Audigy card. The drivers installed smoothly, but I couldn't get audio out of a CD. I can get audio out, using Windows sounds [ *.wav ].

    Control panel > sounds & Multi-media > all devices set to the SB Audigy. Microphone test failed our ears & Windows Hardware test.

    I verified that none of the sound device settings were muted.

    When I plugged the speaker cable into the nVidia port, the CD was heard. Then, from the speakers, came a woo woo woo garbled, then the PC froze.

    I unplugged the PC, removed the PCI sound cards, booted to safe mode; re-booted to normal mode. CD & *.wav out worked.

    No "bangs" in device manager.

    I tried 2 different PCI slots.

    Speaker setting set, correctly, to desktop speakers.

    In event viewer, MCSTRM service failed, event ID 7000.

    I look forward to your guidance.
  2. saundersc01

    saundersc01 TS Rookie

    you may want to try going into the bios (usually by hitting del at start up) and disabling the on board sound. that sounds like your best bet.
  3. raincloud

    raincloud TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    I resolved the problem by uninstalling the onboard nVidia drives & sound blaster drivers. Creative directed me to a couple of their uninstall / removal tools.

    Then, I downloaded & installed the latest drivers from nVidia.

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