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Sound Problems

By benny9488
Dec 18, 2015
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  1. WINDOWS 10
    Just got my new Sony Headphones, they're plugged in but no sound comes out. I checked tutorials, and even checked my audio settings but nothing works.

    Audio Settings (If it doesn't work maybe you can tell me how to reset it to default)
  2. bazz2004

    bazz2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,540   +242

    It's a pain sorting something like this out and I've struggled with it on occasions too. You've tried the right things but it may be that you have a driver issue. You are running W10 but haven't said whether you upgraded from an earlier OS. Did you have speakers or headphones attached and working previously? I'd try plugging in and unplugging the headphones a couple of times and be sure to check that you are using the right socket. On my tower the colour code for microphone and speakers is similar and easy to confuse.

    See if you can find within Control Panel, Device Manager and make a note of the details of the sound card. Does it say the device is working normally? Try updating the audio drivers. You could visit the manufacturers site. Restart the computer and Windows should detect your speakers/headphones . Still no luck, then I'd uninstall the audio drivers restart the computer and see if the default drivers that Windows 10 installs work. With my desktop there is a separate entry under Control Panel for Realtek HD Audio Manager besides the drivers in Device Manager. You're working towards a big green tick on the playback device set as default and enabled in your screen shot above.
  3. mike1959

    mike1959 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,031   +53

    Hi, Problems such as this are normally quite easy to sort out but it's easier if you can isolate the 'issue' down to if it's hardware or software related.
    Several things could be set wrongly, sound settings or a missing driver or the headphone socket faulty and not making good contact with headphone jack.
    If you have another set of headphones, try those too. If you had speakers plugged in to the same jack try those again.
    If it's just that the speakers/headphone socket is disabled by Windows, then you just need to bring up the 'Playback devices' menu, then right click on the speaker icon, and you should see 'Enable' in bold type, and choose that, so that a green tick appears over the speaker icon.
    Your speakers and headphones should then work. Make sure that you have some volume 'level' turned up, not muted.

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