Audio Sound/video stutters all the time


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I recently noticed that any sound and/or video starts to stutter at random occasions. It could be when im watching a Youtube video or a video in Media Player Classic, and even when playing a game. Basically all games are unplayable, sound keeps stuttering/cutting and so does the game.

GTX 580 Twin Frozr II
i5 2500k


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I just tried reinstalling Flash Player, my Codec packs. And it still has this issue, whole pc lags along with sound, mouse moves like laggy slow motion and sound does the same.

If its any help, just when these problems began my svchost became 280mb+ memory usage 24/7


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I have this happen about a year ago and found that it occurred at a regular interval even though it appeared to be random at first. I noticed that when my my Netgear wireless transmitter began to 'talk' to the router, it flashed a signal. That was about every 40 seconds. At the moment it did this, my music would stutter. Can't say this will help, but once I removed the wireless connection to the internet & network, it didn't happen again.