Soyo KT400 Dragon Black edition problem

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I built this comp six months ago and its giving me problems now with the modem and the video card.

Motherboard: Soyo KT400 Black edition
Ram: 512MB
Processor: AMD Athlon 512
Modem: 56k V.92(forgot the makers name)
Video Card: AGP Phantom 64 megs

Ok, heres the problem, I am minding my bussiness moving my thumbs and doing stuff on the computer when it on its own shuts down on itself and when it books back up it says its either the modem driver or the video card driver. So I got them out and put them back in and they seemed fine.

My proccesor is giving me a 58 celsius temp and I don't know if that is bad.

Then sometimes the image distorts and it crashes big time. When I try to turn it back on it just beeps once and then two times for a total of three. I have read that its because of the video memory or something like that. But I can't figure out why would it be bad.

Any help is apreciated, thanks for reading.


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You can go to this website to check out the beep-codes,

If you have an award-bios, yours is a video-card problem. Either it is not seated correctly (did you move or hit it recently?) or it is gone bad or maybe not properly connected between card and monitor.

Pick your choice from that website if you have another beep-code or BIOS.
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