SP3=bad? Problem with WinXP SP3 update

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Apr 6, 2012
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  1. I just recently updated my laptop from SP2 to SP3, and some software problems (and OS problems, apparently) have come up as a result:

    First, my AntiVirus software, AVG 2011, started acting up-mainly the Identity Protection (AVGIDSAgent.exe) process, which started hogging the CPU. I had only one option: disable the component. So, I did.

    Next, my favorite game, Minecraft, has started to show some [more] problems, too. My texture packs are being detected, but not correctly. It isn't a big deal, really, but the Pack information of my custom Texture Packs is not being loaded. The Textures are fine, though. However, the REAL problem is that once I'm in the Texture Pack selection menu, and I click the "Done" button to go back to the main menu, Java crashes (not Minecraft. Java). Note: The error log is attached to this message.
    Also note that, A: I haven't been on Minecraft since the 1.2.3 update, and this problem could be caused by any of the recent updates,
    and B: I did record the log files running a modified minecraft.jar (Optifine, Modloader, and CJB Mods), so that also could be a factor. I will try running it with the unmodified jar, though I kind of need Optifine in order to run the game on this single-processor laptop (It still freezes the computer constantly, but it holds up longer than it did before).

    So, I uninstall Java, then reinstall it, hoping it was just a hard disk error. No change.

    The error log attached is from an error that ocurrs when leaving the Texture Pack menu in Minecraft. Minecraft runs as javaw.exe, and uses lwjgl. I do use the official launcher (not any other program) to start Minecraft.

    In an attempt to provide as much information as possible, I used a program called Process Monitor to generate a few system log files of a few things I do on my laptop, relating to these problems, and also a log file of events occuring when it is idle. HOWEVER, the forums won't let me upload the measly 15 MB of zipped .PML files. So, if needed, I will e-mail them to whoever responds to this thread.

    I will try to record some more log files (similar to the ones already recorded) from other computers for comparitive purposes. Yes, these log files will be from a completely different system, but I will try to use the closest match.

    I'm sorry if I overdid the details, but I'm trying to provide the most information possible. Don't hesitate to ask for more details or specifications.

    P.S.: I am VERY computer-smart (for my age), so don't be afraid to use technical terms.

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  2. bazz2004

    bazz2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,585   +250

    SP3 must have been available for around 4 years so I'm not sure about "Very computer-smart."
  3. gbhall

    gbhall TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,431   +77

    Since your problem lies with java runtime, I recommend you completely uninstall, clean the registry of java references (try java website for a utility to do that) and reinstall afresh.

    It looks to me as if your long absence from the only 'proper' OS version (SP3) has come back to bite you. Remember, SP2 has not been supported for nearly 12 months now, and quite honestly, incompatibilities with current software are just going to increase. You have also missed 12-months worth of updates for SP3, of course.

    To give you an example, my SP3 version of JRE is 1.6.0_31
    You computer shows a path of "C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin" yet in your bug dump, occurs
    0x00400000 - 0x0042f000 C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe ---- version 7 ???? and several others. It seems you have mutiple versions of java installed. The 'reliable' one is Oracle www.java.com

    You should also note that AVG is now somewhat discredited and other alternatives are generally preferred, such as Avast!

    Finally many anti-virus products these days are tending to try to rival Windows 7 in terms of interfering with the right of a user to control his/her own system, which of course, often trips up stuff that is a bit out-of-date and unaware of the latest security requirements, resulting in symptoms like you mention.

    In short I am suggesting that under new facilities (and new restrictions intended for your own protection) in SP3, your anti-malware is affecting your gaming experience. Do some research, you may find there are answers.
  4. bwarren97

    bwarren97 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 60

    I see what you mean about the service pack update, but the reason I haven't updated in so long is:
    A: It wasn't my computer at the time SP3 was first released,
    and B: I don't like updates because they take time to install (this one in particular took more than 3 hours), and someone told me that, though the Service Packs are meant to fix many things, they also break stuff, as well.

    About the Java thing, Yes I do have two different versions:
    One for my LeJOS RCX stuff (JDK 1.3, I think), and one for the other stuff I do (JRE 7). I don't believe I still have Java 6 installed, and I might have to check the path of the JRE to make sure its set to Java 7.

    If you want, I can e-mail you the Process Monitor logs that I recorded so you can get some more information. Just shoot me your e-mail address.

    I will think about my AntiVirus software, and talk to someone about which is best for my system. Thank you.
  5. bazz2004

    bazz2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,585   +250

    Perhaps it's not a good idea to consult the person who put you off installing Service Packs. Google for the best AV freeware and find what suits. You don't need to take advice on that. MSE is a safe bet though. Always keep your security right up to date including windows updates..
  6. bwarren97

    bwarren97 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 60

    JRE 6 is defined in PATH

    Ok, I just checked, and I do have JRE 6 installed, but I think the registry points to JRE 7, and the PATH variable points to JRE 6. I fixed the PATH variable, so now there shouldn't be any conflicting areas. I have not checked if that fixes my last problem with Minecraft, but the last time I played (on a Multiplayer server, in fact), my computer did not freeze at all. Though this does not prove that that problem is fixed, it does set a new personal record for the longest time I was able to play Minecraft in Multiplayer on my crappy laptop. I will have to get further into it to find out if that problem is fixed.
  7. Zen

    Zen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +50

    3 hours, your complaining about 3 little hours of your time when it comes to running updates! I for one am glad I don't share your philosophy when it comes to updating ones Operating System. 3 hours, come on, it very well could be worth the time, it might update something that will lessen the chances of you having problems with your O.S. in the future. Speaking just for myself, I'm not 100% completely satisfied until I see inside my Windows XP Professional (64bit)'s update window when says this message......"no more updates are available"! And to get that message it takes me the better part of a day and a half to get there. For I won't load, install any programs until my Windows XP is fully updated, then after it's time to start having some fun.

    Forgive my little rant here, but my diagnosed O.C.D. problem rules my ability to need to have a fully updated system, so I'm a bit crazy.......oh well.....as I tell everyone....."deal with it"! :monkey:
  8. bwarren97

    bwarren97 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 60

    I understand your point. However, as I said, after I updated I started having problems with programs that worked fine before. Plus, I haven't seen very many improvements since I updated.

    Remember how I said I don't like updates, well here is another reason why:

    Recently, a new version of Adobe Flash Player was released. I looked at the changelog, and saw that there were a few things that could be worth updating for. One update stated in the changelog said something about making flash videos run much smoother. So, I updated it.
    The next time I get on YouTube, I notice something very strange when I play a video in 360p in fullscreen mode. The video was going much slower than the sound, which could be proved by playing the video for a few seconds, and pausing. Whenever I paused the video, the sound stopped, but the video kept going in order to catch up to the audio. It happens with higher resolutions, but even outside of fullscreen. I am forced to switch to 240p in order to watch any video in fullscreen. (well...I can't watch a higher resolution video without having it stop and buffer constantly)
    So, yes, videos do look much smoother. disabling frame-skipping, therefore, made watching flash videos online less enjoyable.

    I don't know if you could name any software program (or OS) where an update had caused issues, but I do know that Windows updates are supposed to be helpful any way you look at it. Not always...

    Take Windows Vista for example. It may not be an update, but it's pretty much the same thing. How many people don't like it? What is the reason for this? Well, I looked online and saw a thread that talked about the advantages and disadvantages of the new(er) OS compared to Windows XP. Someone commented that many people consider it to be "the next ME". How many people have dealt with Windows ME and had something to say about it?

    So, my point is, many updates (for any software or OS) won't just fix things, but break other things as well. That is another reason why I don't like installing updates for my computer.
  9. Zen

    Zen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +50

    I can very much see your point as far as third party programs, such as the Adobe flash player thing you described. Most of the time, if the wheel ain't broke when it comes to the third party stuff, I don't fix it! I to have had similar problems with updating the flash player, that's why whenever I do a fresh clean install of my O.S., I opt to not update that thing. I rather stick with a version that I already know that works well and does what it is supposed to do.

    I'm just pretty much just super anal about the O.S. updates, not so much the third party ones! But yes, you have another good valid point, that sometimes even the Windows updates have a tendency to destabilize things, even if for a short period of time, until the next update rolls around, which is meant to fix what the first update did. But for the most part, in the end, everything that once destabilized gets ironed out by all the updates being fully installed and working as they were meant to.

    And as far as the new up and coming Windows 8 thing being compared to Windows Millennium Edition, I have several people I know make reference to it that way. I'm personally holding out judgment on it. For I've have as of yet put my hands on Windows 8 to see what it is all about. I'm just thankful due to owning and operating my computer business, that I was able to purchase Microsoft's extended support package for Windows XP, gives me years of update support, and yes, even when the support is officially dumped for the private license users, the business licensed people who purchased similar packages will feel no effect.

    Windows Millennium Edition, maybe for poo poo and giggles I'll load that into a virtual machine and play around with it, just long enough for me to remember why it's such a joke! :)
  10. gbhall

    gbhall TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,431   +77

    I will add a point if I may. If you ever do software development, you will be completely familiar with the need to continually improve your work to satisfy your client's demands.

    Improvements to your software inevitably mean new bugs are introduced, and this is just a fact of life. It happens to the very best of us that unforseen effects rear their ugly heads. Which is why the issuing of 'patches' is a never-ending stream.

    Even in an ideal world it is impossible to fully test software. Can you imaging just how many permutations there are of hardware alone that Windows xxx is supposed to work on ....flawlessly ? Millions. And then software - how many different settings can be made to even standard, popular software, let alone the combinations of.....lets say IE7 with Java with Adobe flash with anti-virus..... and so it goes on. Billions of possible combinations.

    Once you experience this, or at any rate understand it, you come to realise (reluctantly it must be admitted), that the fact that Windows generally works pretty well is just....rather astonishing really.

    But you DO need to keep it up-to-date, and you do need to accept that updates to updates to updates MUST happen. Sadly.
  11. bwarren97

    bwarren97 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 60

    True. I may just have to keep updating. Though, the number of updates to SP3 is a bit overwhelming (I just checked). So, I am going to gradually install those over the next week, and see if that fixes anything.
  12. Zen

    Zen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +50

    That's no joke, before going to Microsoft.com years ago and purchasing my newer Windows XP Professional (64bit) which came already with service pack three. Before when I had a copy without any service packs to it, it took forever to reach service pack three through continual updates.

    Just be patient about it, you don't need to knock it out of the park all at once, like I like to do. But rather just take it piece by piece until your update window tells you "no more updates available"! You've got time, after all, support for private license's doesn't officially end until April 8, 2014 for Windows XP. But remember, once your updated to service pack three, try to keep it! For Microsoft support for XP with service pack two ends within the next couple months. And XP with just service pack one, support for that has already been dumped a long while back.
  13. bazz2004

    bazz2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,585   +250

    I made the mistake of buying a refurbished Dell with XP Pro installed. The vendors hadn't updated or fully tested the computer. It didn't have SP3 installed and when I set it to download and install the process took hours. Even after SP3 was installed it took ages to catch up with subsequent Windows updates. It has to be done though.
  14. bwarren97

    bwarren97 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 60

    You know, the first time I tried Multiplayer on Minecraft, I logged into a public server. Though I am used to Minecraft lagging like ****, this was a bit worse. Furthermore, all I was able to do before my computer froze completely (which was about a minute or two after logging in) was type "Hello" in the chat.

    I did not have Optifine at that time, but when I did get it (early this year, in fact) it didn't seem to affect how long I can play Minecraft without it freezing. But now I have both Optifine and the SP3 update. As mentioned before, the last time I was on a multiplayer server, I was on for about an hour and a half, and my computer didn't freeze at all. Though I still don't know exactly why it does (or doesn't) happen, I am beginning to have higher hopes up for my Minecraft problem that has been plaguing me since I first started playing it in Beta 1.8!
  15. bwarren97

    bwarren97 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 60

    Thank GOD I had a backup

    Note: This is not just a story, it is also a potential guide for anyone else having problems with Flash Player

    I fixed my problem with Flash Player. It's a good thing I had a backup of (nearly) my entire OS file system.

    Basically, I found where Flash Player was located, and opened up the folder in my current OS file system, and the corresponding folder from my backup. Then, I copied the necessary files for Flash Player from my backup, and put them in the Flash Player directory. Then, I went to the Registry Editor, found where the system registered the Flash Player files, and changed them accordingly. Next, with the help of Process Monitor set to show iexplore.exe, I opened Internet Explorer and went to YouTube. I right-clicked on the advertisement and saw...

    "About Adobe Flash Player"

    Not what I was hoping to find, because is my current version

    So, I went to Process Monitor and set the filter to only include paths containing "flash". I found that Internet Explorer doesn't look for the path to Flash Player inside the key I changed, It looks for it in a different key(s).
    So, I went back to the Registry, and searched for anything that says "Flash32_11_2_202_228.ocx", and found a bunch. So, I tried to change one, and I met a wall. A wall that I could not get over by changing the registers.
    So, I had an idea: Why not just swap the .ocx files? So, I did. I renamed Flash32_11_2_202_228.ocx to Flash32-11_2_202_228.ocx, and renamed the old Flash11a.ocx to Flash32_11_2_202_228.ocx.

    It worked! I had successfully reverted my Flash Player version!

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