Spaztic video performance?

By Atma*
Feb 9, 2006
  1. Alright so recently i've been having a problem with my video performance. It's only happened when playing KWKOTOR or Jedi knight 2 Jedi outcast. What's going on is my moniter keeps spazing out..the picture gets fuzzy and then goes black..then the moniter says "Video mode not supported". It's probably something to do with my video card (Nvida GeForce Ti 4800 and my moniter is a Samsun SynMaster 152n) On JK2 setting the video syn seemed to have solve the problem but for KOTOR it does nothing. At first it only effects it during game play..when I hit pause it seems to go away..sorta. Then when I close the game it still spazzes out. The text is blurry and nothing I do seems to help correct this issue. I think I have to update my video I tried that. I went to and went to the driver section. Clicked on "graphics driver" selected "Geforce & TNT2" then selected my OS..installed it..restarted..and the problem still remains. Can any one please help? Perhaps direct me to the proper driver page?
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    that sounds like a monitor problem if you ask me mate.. have you checked the video settings on the monitor to make sure that the monitor can even handle the resolution that you have set on the video during game play.. check that then try another monitor if you have one to make sure that it is definately not the monitor that is causeing the issue. does this happen on the desktop or when you are just browsing the internet or running any non 3d 2d apps?? that is a 128mb card have got the right driver page.. you could try the omega drivers on it... here...if the video card came with a fan i would check the fan also the cableing around it to make sure you have good ventilation
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