Square Enix released a demo for the first mission in Final Fantasy VII Remake

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If you have been on the fence as I have about the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, you might be interested to know that Square Enix has just dropped a playable demo. The trial includes the first chapter of the game — the Mako Reactor bombing mission all the way through the escape.

Square Enix is treading the tightrope with the reboot since it is straying quite far from the JRPG origins of the 1997 title. The team is introducing new characters, monsters, and lore.

Also, instead of menu-based "Active Time Battle" system (ATB), players will engage in more an action-RPG style of play controlling the character in real time. However, the devs have included a “Classic Mode,” which plays more like the original ATB system.

It’s enough to upset the purists, but not enough to make it a terrible game, especially for a newer audience. It will boil down to how well executed it is. Fortunately, Square Enix is giving us a try-before-you-buy taste.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is available on the PlayStation Store. Those who download the demo between now and May 11 can also get a free PS4 theme to go with it.

The developers put off the original March 3 release date to an unspecified time in April so they could give it a final "polish." They now have the PlayStation 4 exclusive slated for April 10, 2020. It will reportedly be available for Xbox and PC next year.

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Save your money and play the original in a PlayStation emulator and feel why it's so legendary in the first place.


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Their waiting much too long to bring this game to other platforms - it should be a 90-day Playstation exclusive at most. These days porting is not that big of a challenge since everything is effectively a PC.


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Also worth noting that this demo is from a November build so graphically it's inferior to a more recent demo that the press got to play (3 weeks ago if I recall). It also has removed cutscenes/dialogue from the full game.

Recommended to zoom out the camera settings so you can see Cloud's hawt glutes in and out of combat.

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I can wait until 20xx for whenever the whole game is finished, I have multiple copies of the original anyway.

the decision to chop this game up was infuriating but I guess when gamers as usual have preordered collectors versions way in advance it makes sense to wring them out for every penny theyre worth, sorta sad people will end paying more than 180 smackers(thats 3 chapters, no clue how many chapters theyll crank out)for a 23yr old game.


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Honestly, I may not even get around to playing this since it's going to take forever to release to PC as well as the game probably being divided in two.


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They made the original for PC, too. You don't need an emulator.

And, the original is incredibly dated.

There are a ton of mods as well for PC, many of which massively improve the visuals without changing anything.