SSD issues are preventing some from receiving the Windows 10 20H2 update


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Because the default shutdown is fast shutdown, I.e. hibernate.
You need to either restart them or disable fast shutdown.
That is why I specifically choose update and shutdown intead of just shutdown when both options are available. Also when I choose this the screen reads "restarting" at first...


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So because they are avoiding potential problems and only offering the update to users where it is safe to use -you have a problem?
Sir you forgot to use critical thinking and just went in a caveman voice "Microsoft bad, updates bad, change bad!!!"

All OS, ALL OF THEM, linux, Mac Os and everything else has issues with updates, stop hating.
Lost in translation, his PC dies...died, did or is or will die... I dont know what exactly he is saying, therefore I dont understand why your accusing him of not liking change?? Did you just go cave man and not use your thinker???