Star Wars Day: What's the best Star Wars video game


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So many great games across many genres.
KOTOR of course
X-Wing Alliance was great too
Rogue Squadron (owned it on the N64)
Pod Racer was great fun too

I don't feel like they've ever made a particularly good RTS though. Many poor ones. Galactic Battlegrounds (Age of Empires with different visuals basically) was passable but slow.


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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy was the best star wars game ever. Playing online against people, having light sabers duals with them is the Epiphany of awesome.

Kotor 1 and 2 were awesome for the story and a close 2nd and 3rd but nothing was funner then having light saber battles against a real opponent.


I still have my original disc somewhere and install it everyone in awhile just to duel so much fun and still is.

Not sure if people still play it tho.


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KOTOR is top of the list for me. Followed by Force Unleashed and Jedi Academy. Still wishing that KOTOR 3 (or even a remake of KOTOR - with modern engine) would be made.
What’s wrong with purple? I liked purple… Day of the Tentacle had purple…and Tie fighter was cool!

Yes Dark forces is the clear winner but margin I would put In order of high praise:

1. Dark Forces
2. Knights of the Old Republic (the original 2003)
3. Tie Fighter (with extra Purple and purple tattoos)


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#1 Star Wars Rouge Leader on the GameCube. #2 Battlefront 2.
KOTOR had too many game breaking bugs. I never did finish it.

Rouge Leader (and rogue squadron on n64) hell yes. But I never had ANY issues with KOTOR (the first one) on PC or Xbox...