Star Wars Episode 3, May 2005

By Julio Franco · 4 replies
Apr 6, 2004
  1. I guess Star Wars news is always on-topic to our reporting, just saw on Slashdot that LucasFilms has set May 19, 2005 as the release date for the third episode that will round up the trilogy of prequels.
  2. Phantasm66

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    I've got a downloaded clip from somewhere from footage of shooting of Ep III.

    It was very bad quality but there was enough to make out Darth Vader.

    He had no helmet during this scene and was just wearing all the black stuff seemingly just for the hell of it. Just to be cool and evil and all "Dark Sidey" and stuff. "It seems my plans have been interupted..." ,etc, etc....

    He was hanging off of a cliff edge which I can only assume is into where he falls when he is fished out and placed into the mask, breathing apparatus and becomes the Vader we know from the first films. It is a lava pit and he falls into it fighting with Ewan Kenobi.

    What concerns me more, however, is the possible titlename, which AKAIK has yet to be released. One is troubled by the possibility of something extraspecially cheezy like "THE DARK PLAN" or "THE REVENGE OF THE EMPEROR" etc, etc...
  3. TS | Thomas

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    Think I read somewhere about the title "The Creeping Fear". Who knows, might turn out to be good, Episode 2 was better than Episode 1 (Though that's not saying much really) & that scan of burned up Anakin I thought was pretty awful (Awful, as is in good, horrific).
  4. werty316

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    I have read some spoilers and this movie is gonna be cool if the rumors are true.
  5. OS samurai

    OS samurai TS Rookie Posts: 159

    I can’t wait until the movie comes out, it has to be better the episode 1, and I hated JAR JAR although Darth-Maul ruled :D
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