Star Wars game by Quantic Dream will reportedly feature an open world, action gameplay,...


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Rumor mill: Online denizens may have noticed rumors last week of a Star Wars game being developed by an unlikely studio: Quantic Dream, famous for cinematic, QTE-packed titles such as Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human. Now, we hear that its upcoming journey into a galaxy far, far away will include traditional action gameplay and possibly feature an open world along with multiplayer elements.

YouTuber Gautoz (via VGC) started the rumor on September 16 when he claimed the studio had made a deal with Disney for a Star Wars game following the end of Quantic Dream’s three-year exclusivity deal with Sony.

Another report, this one from DualShockers, backed up the claim, adding that the game has been in development for 18 months. Perhaps tellingly, Quantic Dream’s official Twitter account Liked an article about the report.

Quantic Dream is well-known for making a certain type of game: fairly linear, plenty of quick-time events, lots of decisions-with-consequences. Its love of interactive storytelling earned it several appearances on our Most Watchable Games for Non-Gamers list. The prospect of a Star Wars title made in a similar mold might not appeal to everyone, but it seems that crowd has little to worry about.

Kotaku has spoken to a third source with knowledge of the game’s development, who claims it will feature more traditional gameplay. However, Quantic Dream’s aging proprietary game engine and development tools aren’t particularly suited to making this type of title, so it’s been an uphill struggle.

Studio founder David Cage previously said he would not be averse to making an open-world game, and several job listings on Quantic Dream’s website suggest this is the route it is taking, but there’s no specific mention of Star Wars.

DualShockers writer Tom Henderson earlier tweeted that we might not have long to wait for the first official announcement of Quantic Dream’s Star Wars. He writes that animation studio Unit Image, which created trailers for God of War, Far Cry 6, Death Stranding, and many more, is working on a teaser, pending Disney’s approval.

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I'll wait for more details. But since it doesn't sound like a cheap Battlefield clone, I'll be looking forward for the teaser to drop.