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May 9, 2002
  1. I have a 700mz Athlon Time Computer with 512mb RAM and Win 98 OS.

    I have recently had an error message appear on start-up. The system boots up as far as placing the icons on the desktop then a message appears "There is not enough memory to start (various filenames). Please close any unused applications". The filenames are different each time.

    I have been through the start-up menu on the MSCONFIG option but with no success. I upgraded memory to 512mb a few months ago and this is the first problem I have had concerning memory.

    Any ideas on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated!
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    You should really check out that thread and read up. Then try out some of the suggestions because I think one of those things is your problem.

    Anyhow, can you boot into safe mode? It is possible for a number things to have gone wrong.. Corrupted files.. Changed settings.. Bad drivers.. These things can cause the same error you see.

    Your computer sounds decent. I would really suggest putting Windows 2000 or XP on it. It's a huge upgrade because not only will you be getting rid of these silly memory problems, but you'll be able to use all of your memory efficiently.
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    Update to problem

    I think I have eliminated most of the suggested solutions. I checked the memory chips were seated correctly - no effect; changed the memory chips - no effect ; reduced the installed memory down to 128mb - no effect.

    I don't think the problem is in the memory size which is 512mb which seems to be the limit above which potential problems could occur.

    I also ran sfc and had several files reported as corrupted, mainly dll files which I am in the process of replacing. It may be however, that these were corrupted subsequently as a result of the many reboots I have needed to perform after the system hangs so these may not resolve the initial problem of this "not enough memory" problem.

    Any further ideas guys?? I would really love to resolve this!!
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    How long have you had this install working ?

    It might be that the system is getting old & moldy ( like cheeze :dead: ). You might wanna try to reinstall win98SE ( if you do not wish to go the 2K/XP route ).

    Testing all your memory modules rules out a hardware problem ( unless you get the same problem while running another OS ).

    Have you tryed your memory modules on another PC ?
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    Have you checked for virus/worms? (seems obvious, but sometimes we jump over the simple stuff)
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    I doubt if it means RAM when it says you are out of mem. It probably is the system resources it is talking about. To find out for sure go to the tools menu and select System Monitor>edit>add item>memory manager>unused physical mem. run this while you do whatever you do that causes the problem and see how much unused ram you have while you are having the problem, If you still have a lot of ram left then ram isn't the problem..try it and then get back with the results.. jackha Also select bar chart it's easier to read
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    Thanks for all the input guys.

    I have ended up re-installing everything and the problem has gone away. I can only assume it was a corrupt file somewhere that was screwing everything up.

    Thanks again. Greatly appreciated.
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