Steve Jobs authorized biography release moved to October 24

Shawn Knight

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The biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs will be published nearly a month sooner than originally planned following the announcement of his death yesterday. The authorized work, written by Walter…

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It is a bit oppertunistic, but I don't think its all that terrible. The book already had a scheduled release date, so its not like they are just throwing some crap together to rush it out the door. It has probably been finished for a while now and they were just in no hurry to get it to stores.


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I will choose to believe that since the guy just died that people want to know more about him and this biography will help. It would be nice though if part (50%) of the profits went to some charity or charities that Steve Jobs was a part of, since they "opportunistically" brought it forward and to honor his legacy, but that's just me


all of that its ok but....why so many wants the biography?....Smell like sheeps. even the apple "Fans" cant let it go...thats bad


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"CNN notes that pre-orders for the autobiography went through the roof in the hours after his passing was made public."

Autobiography? It was not written by Steve Jobs, therefore the correct term is simply 'biography'.


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It seems a little too soon but hey, take the cash while it's on the table. With that being said, I am not an Apple fan and do not use any of their products but I will read this all the same. Apple fan or not you must admit that the man had a large impact on our world and if the book is written well it would be interesting..


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i might look into it, someone earlier today linked me to something called folklore "" which is random stories from apples start-up. and i've been reading them off and on all day. it's all very interesting.