still getting windows media crash.

By allanmoller
Feb 1, 2006
  1. well i have recently posted a thread, but it didnt really work so here i go again. I sometimes get a crash when iam playing world of warcraft, it also happens in windows. hope there are enough dmp files, looked at them my self but couldnt fine any info on the net. :wave:

    I have used memtest86 for 6 hours no error.
    reinst mce + upd
    upd mobo drivers
    upd sound driver and grap driver

    Mobo=p4pb ultra.
    cpu=3,06 p4
    ram= 2x512pc333 micromemory, slot 2 and 3.
    gra=x800xt. saphire.
    psu=Chill Innovation CP-450A2
    sound=creative live 24 bit!
    windows media center 2005.
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