STOP: 0x00000050 - BSOD

By xagnig1
Jul 22, 2008
  1. Hi there and thank you for reading this post,

    Ive been getting few BSOD's lately with this message " *** STOP: 0x00000050 (0xE78AA802,0X00000000,0X8054B0E9,0X00000001) ".

    My PC has been really steady for the past 2months after I build it and this all started few days ago while I was playing World of Warcraft and got " WoW Error #134 "
    and after that I got the BSOD.

    Ive read these and World of Warcraft forums and people seem to get same kinda problems and it seems that this might be caused by GFX card or faulty RAM.

    Ive gone trough some help files as well but this problem just doesnt seem to open up for me.

    I really do think these two errors are caused by the same thing so heres the World of Warcraft error it does and my recent .dmp file as well.

    I hope you can get something out of these files since I just cant understand them at all.


    - Gingax1

    EDIT: I have updated my GFX card drivers.
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  3. xagnig1

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    Hi again,

    Took me around 2hours for the memtest86 to go trough all the tests and heres the results:

    Error Confidence Value: 159
    Lowest Error Address: 0000add509 - 10.8MB
    Highest Error Address: 000ffab1fce - 4090.0MB
    Bits in Error Mask: ffffffff
    Bits in Error: total:32 min:1 max:24 avg:15
    Max Contiguous Errors: 1
    ECC Correctable Errors: 0
    Errors per DIMM slot: 0: 252 | 1: 251
    Test: 7 Errors: 503

    So what I read when the Error Confidence Value goes over 100 theres no chance that the errors would be invalid.

    I cant really read/understand these values so I'm gonna hope someone could translate them for me.


    - Gingax1

    I checked for rootkit spyware programs, none found.
    I was unable to run DFT since it gave me an unexpected error right when the program started.
  4. CCT

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    Pull the suspect ram - it looks like slot 1 (or A, whichever is your first slot) has the bad module.

    Test by removing it and swapping module 4 into slot 1 and leaving module 1out (assuming 4 x 1 Gb modules installed).
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