Strange delay at "My Computer" or Internet Explorer

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Oct 13, 2005
  1. Hello. I have a weird problem that doesn't seem very critical, but is really starting to bug me! I have a brand-spanking-new computer from Dell (Dimension 9100) with Windows XP. When I got the computer, there were no problems but this problem started about a month later.

    There seems to be a delay of about 15-20 seconds every time I do the following two things:
    i) Double-click on "My Computer" and wait for the contents to show
    ii) Type a URL in the "Address" field in Internet Explorer WITHOUT the "http://" and hit [Enter]

    As you might know, if you don't include the "http://", IE should search for what address you really meant and put the http:// in automatically. For me, the computer doesn't bother starting to do this until a 15-20 second delay is up. WEIRD EH?

    My best guess is that my CD-ROM drive is causing the problem (Combo Drive DVD/CD-RW). Perhaps my computer takes a long time checking the CD drive before it bothers searching the rest of the computer. I don't know how to stop this, since it didn't do this before, and started doing it now spontaneously.

    If anyone has any suggestions I would REALLY appreciate it. THANKS!!!
  2. iss

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    I cant see how your opticald rive would be causing a delay in finding an address thru IE. have you checked hte device manager to see if their are any devices showing as havng a problem?

    the delay with my computer sounds more like a file system problem you can run system file checker with your XP disk in the drive to check for damaged or missing system files. put the XP disk in your optical drive and open a command prompt, type sfc /scannow

    another possibility is a virus or a trojan are your virus definitions up to date?
  3. mrikley

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    Same problems -

    hey, I'm having the exact same problems as the initial post here, delay and flashlight when opening My Computer and a dealy when typing in an address in to IE. Ant ideas as to what this is?
  4. rwnewson

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    Hi there. Luckily I think I fixed my problem. It was definitely my network connection, although I'm still not sure EXACTLY why. Anyways for full details on the solution, go to the following thread:

    There are two pages to this thread. Sparkky on page 1 seemed to have the solution that worked the best for most people, but my solution on page 2 worked for me. This problem seems to be more and more common.

    Good luck!
  5. mrikley

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    Hey, thanks for the help, Sparkky's reply worked for me. Now if I could only get my printer to that for another day.
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