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By hesha2005
Feb 8, 2011
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  1. Hey guys I have a problem my laptop is Lenovo T61 with windwos xp It was working great but suddenly I started the laptop one day I Found that when it's starting up the screen goes strange with more the one color appears in it and after about 15 minutes the welcome screen comes and the computer works normally. So any help here ?
    By the way I have installed a new windows xp but without deleting the other because i have only one partition
    and here are the strange thing which I see in starting up >> 2shared - download DSCF2269.jpg

    I put in anohter mointor and I see something very strange , Now when I open the laptop I doesn't see the normal things that i supposed to see in the strartup ( the laptop screen is as u saw in the first attached post) ( the Monitor screen makes no signal untill after 3 min I see the normal welcome screen and noramlly use the computer.-- while the laptop screen still unfixed untill it become noramlly after about 15 minutes )
  2. tundkoder

    tundkoder TS Rookie

    Cannot see attach

    I cannot get attach file (pic). Can you post it back ? For that we could probably help you out.

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