Stuck in unusable Safe Mode

By gimpc
Jan 18, 2007
  1. I was using my computer from school using remote desktop, went into msconfig and checked the boxes for booting up in safe mode with networking. In hindsight this was pretty stupid because obviously remote desktop no longer worked, but when i got home and tried to log in, it accepted my password and the screen blinked, but now all i get is the black background with "safe mode" in all the corners. No icons, no start menu, no GUI functions whatsoever.

    I was wondering what could be done to get out of this predicament. I've tried selecting safe mode, and boot windows normally from the boot options menu thing you get by holding down the F keys when the system starts, but it never has any effect. It always boots to safe mode, asks for my password, and then says its loading my settings, but i get nothing after that.

    I'm currently trying to find my xp disk and see if there's some way to boot off of that, otherwise i'm just going to get the data i want off the main hard drive and completely reformat. Obviously i'd like this to be a last resort.

    Any insight?
  2. Ididmyc600

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    when the system stops loading, try ctrl alt del and see if you get task manager to come up, if you do click new task and enter msconfig.

  3. gimpc

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    I've tried that. i cant get a run window, system monitor, or a start menu when i push the little windows button on the keyboard. No right click menu either.

    The only thing i can do once i enter my password is move the mouse around.
  4. gimpc

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    An update:

    I took the hard drive out of my desktop and put it in my external enclosure and manually edited the boot.ini file from another computer. The system boots to normal windows now again. I'm not sure what was/is causing the problem though with safe mode.
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