Stuck on HP Invent screen

By mayday1991
Jul 9, 2008
  1. Stuck on HP Invent screen - HELP HELP


    I have a question, I am working on a HP a1267c desktop model. The computer is stuck on the HP invent window. I will not let me into any thing. I try to use the keyboard prompts like ESC, F1 and so on. It just stays there. I have disconnected every thing on the PC. The only thing that is running is the cpu and ram. I have also tried to clear the cmos and reset it but no luck When the computer was running, I hit system restore and thats where all the problems started. It slow went downhill and this is where it end up . I have the HP manuals and tried their solution but none of them worked. The Hp manual says when clearing CMOS, you turn it on and it should come with a CHECK SUM Error, I didnt it, all i got was the hp invent screen. The pc doesnt have a floopy. Is there another way to reinstall the BIOS.

    Can some one please help me figure this out. I have run out of options
  2. Ruthe

    Ruthe TS Booster Posts: 70

    Did you try F8 (repeatedly)? I'm not sure what's going on here. Did you recently install software? Are you trying to do a system restore? I may be mistaken, but I seem to remember you must start in safe mode.

    I see you added detail, but not enough. If the above doesn't work, please give details as to what you were doing just prior to the problem.
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