Study blames YouTube for spread of Flat Earth movement


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I'll take that in the spirit in which it was intended -- passive aggressive I think :laughing:
Well, I'll say that I like to think that I responded in a fashion that kept the conversation going. ;)

I should have said "... both sides look really silly if one takes a step back from the fray."

Obviously there were historians before the 19th century. I'm not a scholar, but it's hard to imagine that they were expected to adhere to the standards that historians are expected to adhere to today.
This brings to mind a quote from Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczyinski:
Understanding is a thee edged sword: your side, their side, and the truth.

IMO, what it sounds like you are saying is that we expect modern historians to give us the truth - in other words - to render a factual and complete account of events.

While I would like to believe that historians will always give a factual and complete account of historical events, there is another quote that I think holds true:
History is written by the victors.
Some say Winston Churchill said this, but it is attributed to others, too.

As an example, those in the US of European descent celebrate Columbus Day. However, for at least some Native Americans, it has become a day of mourning.'_Day

There are other, more recent events, that come to my mind, but I will refrain from stirring more controversy ATM. :laughing:

This does, IMO, lend some insight to the topic. People will believe things despite the underlying truth. Around 240 BC, Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the Earth thus proving the Earth is round. IMO, the math and the principle behind this proof are not all that complicated. Yet people still, for whatever reason, think the Earth is flat.

Was it just one of our days?
Where science and the bible disagree on this is that the stars existed in advance of the Earth from the perspective of science. In fact, some scientific theories of the origin of the solar system put forth the idea that a supernova occurred in the solar neighborhood and may have been the initiator of the collapse of a protoplanetary cloud of material (much like the Orion Nebula is now into our solar system.

Because a supernova is considered at least a partial catalyst for the formation of the solar system and the Earth, stars must have existed before the Earth as without stars, there could be no supernovae.

As to your question, various people have interpreted the length of a biblical day in various ways. This site -
has this to say about the matter:
The conclusion, therefore, must be this:Genesis 1 is not myth; it is not symbolic or poetic; it is straight-forward, literal history. That is the fact of the situation.
Which to me implies that their view is that the seven days are to be interpreted as literally seven of our current calendar days.

From the wikipedia link to the scientific viewpoint, one can gather that it is believed to have taken vastly longer. *nerd* IMO, that link gives some excellent scientific detail.


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Wow I was about to comment that the flat earth movement was started by the same satanists who control government/media/music/hollywood. They put out this and other insane ideas to discredit any truth that THEY don't want you to know. Truth like what? Vaccines are evil and poison...and uneccesary. You think injecting aborted baby parts is healthy? That is an abomination snuck into the brainwashed masses. That along with all the other poison. Fake news? It's on the CDC vaccine can read it.
The most important underground news on the planet is that the bible is true, and the planet is about to be purged...and yes Trump is about to bring you the antichrist from Revelation 13. Don't ignore the most important TRUE news you'll never hear from the satanist system.

Go ahead and say I'm crazy and blah blah blah. You've been brainwashed since birth. WAKE UP and believe Jesus. Don't just believe what you are told. Have you actually read the bible...or prayed for God to show you the truth? The evidence is out there. MILLIONS have been proven that HE IS LORD.

There is a really good Ted Talk out there that I cannot remember the name or the person who did the talk. I'll look for it when I have time and post the name of it.

Basically, she stated she grew up in a religious family, as a young child, was taken to protest events and held signs for her parents that expressed something along the lines of God will damn you and suck the life out of you unless join our religion.

To make the long story short, she eventually met and married one of those people her parents had her railing against and accepted that the message that she was propagating was not conceived in the love and understanding that her religion claimed to profess. As I see it, she was brainwashed from birth.

As I see it, we all have the capacity for darkness and light in us, and projecting that darkness on a mythical being does nothing WRT accepting responsibility to act in ways that are gregarious toward other life. In fact, that kind of projection runs a high risk of unjustly demonizing anything that one is not willing or unable to understand.
Keeping a promise -
And the Ted Talks link -
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Geez, only two people caught it. Well, three now. Guess I'm not that funny.
How much of a reaction were you expecting?

Exchanging, "microscopes" for "telescopes", was sort of whimsical, but not laugh out loud funny.

How about if I give you a like for the post? Will that make you feel better, or somehow vindicated?

PS, I think @mailpup was being sarcastic as well, which you seem to have missed.
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How much of a reaction were you expecting?

Exchanging, "microscopes" for "telescopes", was sort of whimsical, but not laugh out loud funny.

How about if I give you a like for the post? Will that make you feel better, or somehow vindicated?

PS, I think @mailpup was being sarcastic as well, which you seem to have missed.

Yes I got the obvious sarcasm.