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"Stuttering" Sound on HP Pavilion Notebook DV5157EU

By Jonbo ยท 4 replies
Jul 29, 2006
  1. I don't know if this has been posted before (I did look but didn't notice a thread relating to this) but I'm having this really irritating problem with my HP Pavilion Notebook DV5157EU. Whenever it plays any kind of audio, be it MP3, WAV etc and no matter what program runs it, Windows Media, Real Player, Quicktime or any other program, the sound seems to "stutter" every ten - twenty seconds which is a real pain as I will be studying Multimedia at university and i can't get a decent playback out of this thing :mad:

    Please, if anyone can help then i would be so grateful. I'm reaching the point of wanting to put my foot through the damn thing and be done with it!

    The only interesting thing I've noticed is that when it does stutter, the Wireless Light cuts out too. Dunno if it helps any but, meh!

    As far as i'm aware the latest drivers are installed and everything.
  2. Jonbo

    Jonbo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    This is a shameless bump - sorry. But can anyone help?
  3. altheman

    altheman TS Rookie Posts: 419

    Does the same happen with Wifi switched off? If so, maybe the speakers are suffering from interference when wifi is being used.
  4. Jonbo

    Jonbo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Cheers altheman, I turned of the Wireless Connection like you suggested and now everything works fine! Cheers man - it was bugging the hell out of me!
  5. SG_crazy

    SG_crazy TS Rookie

    sorry to hijack this thread but I read it with much interest. I am having the same problem with my HP 2175 laptop. Over the past month I have tried a million things but have narrowed the problem of stuttering music whereby the hard drive light is on constantly and the laptop becomes stationery (despite CPU usage being 0-4%):

    1) Only happens on higher volumes (if playing music or videos/dvd's at 20-30% vol im ok)

    2) if you plug in external speakers to the headphone socket the computer instantly responds (i.e. hard drive light goes off and laptop comes back to life) and thus the laptop works fine on external speakers at full vol output

    So i wondered if anyone had any other ideas. I have tried turning off wlan but it appears its not the cure. Its strange how the speakers seem to cause such a problem (as i expected the same problem would occurr if external speakers were plugged in)

    Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.
    Many Thanks
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