Sudden reboots and now a unsurpassable black screen before the windows loading screen

By gixelz
Mar 15, 2006
  1. before i go on, YES i read the previous posts on this and nothing works.

    amd sempron 2.00ghz
    1.5 ghz ram total: 1 stick of 1024, and 1 stick of 512
    ati radeon 9600
    windows xp sp2

    i can home one day and it was on, like it usually is. temparature of cpu is normal. i boot up a video game (a steam app) and it reboots. i think oh, man, this isn't good. i log in again and reboots. log in, reboots before i can log in. reboots again, get into windows, stays stable for awhile until i try to run my game. reboots. i try to troubleshoot in the display properties but it reboots suddenly.
    i go to work, come home, boot it up, and before it gets to the windows load screenm, it goes black (monitor is still green light). i try rebooting a couple of times but can't get past it. any idea what this is? my computer was VERY stable until this, not a problem ever. i didn't go cheap on any parts, either.

    any suggestions would be appreciated. and yes, i did read the posts relating to this, but most didn't work and deal with a frozen screen after the XP loading screen.

    thanks in advance.
  2. this is sounding like it might be graphics or power related. your graphics chip might have a few kinks in it seeing as when it tries to boot windows, the screen goes blank. OR you could be having a power problem. your components can't work without enough power. and the power problem might account for the random shut downs and your graphics being non-functional in the first place.

    we'll try some more troubleshooting when you post some more specs. because its good to know the specs of the power supply, or model of hard drive you have. there are diagnostics and software tools that help if you know the models and stuff.
  3. markabowman

    markabowman TS Rookie

    With a similar problem i used a windows xp setup disc to go into recovery console (from your bios screen hit F8 to boot from cd drive. From the recovery console i was able to open a prompt and do a check disk.
    - from the prompt type: chkdsk c: /r
    The scan disk automatically repaired disk errors and my laptop started up properly. Unfortunately its not very useful in diagnosing the problem but can be good at fixing them.

    Apparently it's helped many users, with many different faults. There might be corruption with cross linked files with your Video driver on the hard-drive.
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