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  1. Last week, my husband & I started having issues properly loading a web site. It is, where we are both djs. We have been a part of this site for over three years. It is a membership site. Once a member, adding your sign in info, aka password & email address, gets you into site everytime.
    Well;, like I have stated, last week, neither one of us can properly run this site on our pcs. We both use two separate pcs.
    The site loads, but now very slowly, frequently getting the option to kill pages or wait. It happens on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, & Firefox. Regardless of what browser we use, same issue, but only with Biker Radio's site, nothing else. Everything else works just as perfectly as it always has.
    When the site finally loads, we have mainly issues in the chatroom. For the most part, when we typer in a comment into chat, sometimes we see what we have posted, most of the time, we do not. Other members see what we sometimes say, so no clue if all our comments are even being posted. We also miss some of others' comments, obvious by the replies we do see, that others have commented & we just aren't seeing it. Sometimes my Husband will see posts pop up in chat that I do not, & visa versa. We need some serious help to figure this all out. As DJs, we need to monitor & host the chatroom.
    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. He's due on air tonight, late night, & I'm due on air in the morning tomorrow.

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