Survey: 61 percent of Americans expect to work during their vacation


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The flexibility in my job I am afforded far outweighs the occassional need to work for an hour or two while on vacation.
In other words you are not actually taking a vacation, you are changing your schedule and taking advantage of your jobs flexibility. I'd call that a 24/7/365 vacation, when you separate yourself from the "mid level employees", as you so eloquent put it. Lets not even look at how the low level employees are being mistreated, as they strive to hold their crappy job among thousands of equally depressing opportunities. The sad thing about that is the crappy jobs are the ones we can't live without. So go right ahead and sit comfortably in you job, and work through your vacation. Because quite honestly I don't believe you earned a free from work vacation, the way the lower level employees do. But yet the low level employees are lucky to even get a vacation, and when they do they certainly couldn't afford anything elaborate.


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@guest, yet another example of mismanagement.

Single points of failure shouldn't exist. Fix that and then people can go on holidays.


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If that's your reality you must have a totally **** job, my employer better have a damn good reason to call me in my off hours, let alone while on vacation
Every reason is good enough for them the company does mention this because we are based on across 4 continents not everyday but once a month expect a call in the midnight or on holidays. Most calls from USA and europe. No choice since projects come from there.


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Does you work company have a global presence with demanding customers? I do and our customers do not want to wait 16 to 48 hours for a reply to an urgent e-mail. Sometimes the folks who cover for me when I am away can't deal with a particular issue since they are not directly involved. In those rare cases, I have to deal with the issue myself.

Since I am a salaried engineer, I get don't get paid by the hour so I'm not on the clock so to speak. I get paid the same for one hour of work a week or forty. The flexibility in my job I am afforded far outweighs the occassional need to work for an hour or two while on vacation. I've taken vacations off the grid and haven't had any issues either.

The problem that I see is that some people think they should be able to drop their responsibilities completely just because they view their vacation as "private" time. This is true for low to mid level employees, but the more responsibilities you have, the more your actions can affect the company bottom line.
And is there no one that can respond to e-mails in your absence? I understand that you work for an organization with an international presence but that makes it even more ridiculous that there isn't someone who can handle your responsibilities if you're not there.
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Again, more bs. Some people have simply been conditioned to live in fear of everything including losing their jobs if they go on vacation. If it's like that then you are a slave and you deserve whatever mistreatment you receive.
I'm not a slave to my Job I just know I need the job and there are very few positions available. Sure I could maybe find another job where my vaction is a break from work but I know for sure my salary would be lower and also potentially I would be out of work for months whilst whilst battling and fighting for these limited positions.

I get my 100$ extra a day I am not going to snub off this payment as in general I don't get called anyways unless business critical.

Not all countries are as screwed as USA.

I'm not actually in the US, just mentioned US figures cause I know this site is predominately US user base :D.