Svchost application errors

By miken68
Mar 20, 2009
  1. First off This is on my Toshiba Laptop L300, Windows Xp sp3
    Got a virus couple days ago, could not access my hdd, several programs including malware/spyware removal tool unaccessable, also upon "normal" start up I get and error box "svchost.exe application error" (image attached) over and over again continuously. Network adapters are unaccessable states that I need to enable windows network connections.

    Thorough scan with Avast (in safe mode) caught autorun.inf virus, read up and found that its a virus controller and the virus actually is ms32dll.dll.vbs, but I cannot locate the file.

    Ran Ccleaner.

    Ran Hijackthis "crusty" (attached)

    Deleted virus (autorun.inf), hdd is now accessable. Still get svchost.exe error messages and unable to access network adapters, programs such as malwarebytes, spybot ss, and superantispyware.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated
  2. miken68

    miken68 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Problem solved thanks to combofix
    had these nasty rootkits on there

    Hope this helps someone out.
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