Swap File/ Slowdown

By vhunter
Feb 19, 2005
  1. Recently, my Dell 2400 was infected with a whole load of spyware, most of which I managed to remove after a couple of weeks. About a week later, I installed SP2, and McAfee AntiSpyware. But once I tried to run a virus scan, Norton AV 2003 wouldn't show the main control panel, so I couldn't run a scan. Even if I right-clicked My Computer and ran one, NAV would lock up. Next, a paging file error started appearing. I tried making it bigger, up to 2 GB. Once that didn't work, I tried setting the permissions to Full Control to System in the Users panel. That didn't work either. I tried everything I could find on the Internet, but the error wouldn't go away. Finally, my computer has drastically slowed down, so that it takes around 10 minutes to completely log on. I uninstalled McAfee, which solved the NAV issue, and I removed SP2, but I still can't get the paging file to resolve, or my computer to speed up again. I'd rather not format my hard drive and reinstall the OS, but I'm becoming that desperate.
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