Swedish firm launches world’s first Android TV


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People of Lava, a small Swedish privately-owned manufacturer, has launched a new 55-inch TV using Android as its operating system, touting it as the first Android TV. The product is named Scandinavia and is available in white, black, or grey. You can only get it in Sweden, but the firm hopes to roll the sets out to the US and the UK next year. It's currently priced at 40,000 Swedish kronor (€4,257), according to The Wall Street Journal.

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"but at least id dose come with a browser"

Might wanna do some proof reading, lol. This does seem pretty neat, though. I don't see myself having any of these Apple, Google or Android TVs in the near future, but they're still pretty nifty.


Read that very same sentence again, before where you fixed the mistake. :)