Sygate Personal Firewall lags at startup

By Abraxas
Jul 30, 2005
  1. Since my recent XP Pro reinstall the Sygate Personal Firewall doesn't immediately activate after logon. It takes some time, usually 1 or 2 minutes, until it kicks in. I remember that I had the same problem in an older installation (not the last one, though).
    I can rule out any programs running in the background and/or malware problems, because I had this right after I installed it fresh after the XP Pro reinstall.
    However, I have an idea about a possible culprit...I installed VIA drivers that came with my motherboard and a utility was put into Autostart. I removed it, because I thought it might be responsible for the lagging, but nothing changed.

    Still, I think it's possible that the VIA drivers are at fault. Proof for this is that all this didn't happen in my last installation when I never installed the VIA drivers, but directly executed an upgrade package (which messed up the utility, by the way). Probably I should try that again or remove the other drivers before, but I don't want to that just yet (might mess up something).
    Any ideas?

    Little update: I uninstalled those VIA drivers in the meantime (see my problem with the NEC burner in "Storage & Networking", which has solved itself since then). It can't be that, then. Problem still persists...
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