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Apr 19, 2015
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  1. I have a Windows XP computer. It now displays this error message when I turn it on: "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt \windows\system 32\config\system." A service rep at PC Matic suggested I run Tweaking Windows Repair 3.1.2 to solve the problem. However, I can't get past the error message to use the repair program. Any helpful suggestions? If I eventually access Repair 3.1.2, what repair module(s) should I run first? Thanks.
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    \windows\system 32\config\system is one of the windows Registry files

    Safe Boot (strike F8 once / sec until you see B/W VGA)
    select 'Last Know Valid Configuration'
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    Thanks for the advice. Although I tried to use the "Last known valid configuration", I wasn't able to complete that action because the computer asked me for an Administrator password, which I didn't have. I did a reboot and then selected the "safe mode" log-on action, which restored everything on my computer. Your advice on the F8 key (I had to hold it down vice striking once) saved me the expense from going to a repair shop and having them just restore the basic computer operating system, with me having to install all of the programs and lost data. I appreciate your taking the time to advise. Thanks. Dave
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    You're quite welcome -- glad it worked. Now go back into SAFE MODE, get the command prompt and enter this
    • net user administrator new_password
    Make the 'new_password' whatever you please, but to remember it easily suggest placing a prefix to your normal sign-in password,
    eg if you use ABC the set the admin pwd to something like 123_abc​

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