System goes black on bios

By woo
Jan 17, 2006
  1. I went away for about a month and had my computer off but it was plugged in. when i came back the computer would not boot up. Sometimes it can get past some of the bios screens and i can get into setup but it will go black during setup also. It made it into windows once before it crashed. Sometimes a message will appear in bootup that says overclocking failed even though i have never tried to overclock and my bios is set to normal and not overclocking. Im guessing it is either my motherboard or chip that has gone bad but i am not sure. any suggestions?
  2. Vigilante

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    Being that it was off, but plugged in, and assuming nobody else would have used it. I'd say perhaps the power supply got hit sometime while you were gone. So my first suggestion would be trying another power supply.

    Second, if the PS is ok, try resetting the BIOS. Your motherboard manual should explain how. Or else, you can take out the battery for 30 minutes, or use the BIOS clear jumper if you can find it.

    If the system is dirty, blow it out, make sure no critters got in there and chewed a wire or anything like that.
  3. woo

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    the power went out for one day when i was gone i guess, would the power supply have anything to do with the overclocking failed message?
  4. Vigilante

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    It could if it somehow effected the BIOS settings when it went out. Sometimes all you have to do is go in the BIOS, then save and close.
    Or you could go in the BIOS, choose fail-safe defaults, or even high performace defaults if you have a high-end machine. It should go away.

    If changing settings, and/or resetting the BIOS, doesn't ever make the message go away, you could have a CPU issue or a corrupt BIOS. Which you may need to flash the latest BIOS. But that is getting way left field. I'd just try resetting the BIOS, and get a test power supply if you can.
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