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Task Manager and RAM

By Ultiweap ยท 6 replies
Aug 3, 2008
  1. Hi everyone,

    I just come back from Vista (uninstalling due to some problem). Yes now the shocking thing I see on my task manager is very strange.

    I have a 1GB RAM DDR2 and on the task manager on commit charge it show that I have 2.4 GB. What is it my RAM or something else???

    I attached a photo for you to understand it better.

    Thanks in advance for any help

    Attached Files:

  2. woody1191

    woody1191 TS Rookie Posts: 572

    Your Commit Charge is high because that includes how your Pagefile is set in other words your Virtual Memory is included as well as your RAM, your Virtual Memory is on your HDD.

    You can get to your Pagefile by following this - Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Performance "Settings" > Advanced.
    This will show you what your Pagefile is set to.

    Just to give a Example of this, on my Laptop my Pagefile is set at 1500Mb this is space taken up on my HDD and i have 512Mb of RAM minus about 32Mb Minimum of Graphics Memory taken by the On-Board Graphics, this gives me about 1970M for my Commit Charge.

    Oh and also in your case your Pagefile must be set around 1500Mb if you have 1Gb of RAM, i think 1500Mb is the normal size of the Virtual Memory anyway.

    Hope this answers your Question.
  3. Ultiweap

    Ultiweap TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 606

    Thanks a lot...

    Yeah I know about the page file and yes I already set it to 1500MB as every guide I read told me to do that. Now i understand a little more on the commit charge. Now I'm sure that Vista takes a lot of RAM.

    But I would like to know also why for Vista it is different as it is on the task manager?
  4. woody1191

    woody1191 TS Rookie Posts: 572

    I'm not exactly sure what you are asking there, but heres what i think your on about.

    Yes Vista does take more RAM than XP and i think your on about the Commit Charge on Vista's Task Manager being different, i think it is but not sure since i don't have Vista so can't comment on it.
  5. Ultiweap

    Ultiweap TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 606

    Ok I understand... Yes Vista is very heavy and need a minimum 2GB RAM to run it perfectly.

    Thanks man.
  6. ripeorange88

    ripeorange88 TS Rookie

    can u run vista with less?
  7. woody1191

    woody1191 TS Rookie Posts: 572

    You could probably run it with 1Gb if you weren't running games but it would be slow, it is best to run Vista with 2Gb if you don't want lagging on the comp. And RAM doesn't cost much anyway so it is worth it.
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