Task Manager Problems

By Izopyn ยท 52 replies
Jun 22, 2005
  1. EjDo

    EjDo TS Rookie

    was up guys?
  2. jerglen

    jerglen TS Rookie

    Thanks. Just joined and now with Rick's help my task manager works as it did before.
  3. Devils Playgrnd

    Devils Playgrnd TS Rookie

    Vigliante You freaking Rock. I own isgay.com and i am always looking for new ideas for the site Needless to say ( Its a joke site also) I picked up a dam virus Hijacker or what ever it was. I got the task manager back on found the program used Hihacj this tracked its *** down and Killed it. It was like kernalwind32.exe I think thats what it was. But its gone even after system restore could not help.

    Thanks again, Neal
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