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TCL buys Palm brand from HP, aiming for a Silicon Valley comeback

By Shawn Knight ยท 4 replies
Jan 7, 2015
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  1. While Apple is often credited with kicking off the modern smartphone era, serious tech enthusiasts hopped on the smartphone bandwagon long before the iPhone arrived in 2007. For many, their first smartphone came from Palm in the form of a Treo.

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  2. A Windows Phone platform with a physical keyboard would be pretty sweet for business use. :)
  3. Jamesbrah

    Jamesbrah TS Enthusiast Posts: 60   +12

    disagree. users do not want keyboards. they want high end phones that everyone else has. they want to use iphones, they want to use high end android. they don't want weird 'different' keyboard phones
  4. psycros

    psycros TS Evangelist Posts: 1,797   +1,204

    Gee, I'm so glad you know the hearts and minds of ALL smartphone customers, even the ones in the developing world that still use a lot of k/b devices. Also, the Blackberry Passport, which is doing quite well for a niche device, says hi. The Classic will probably do even better.
  5. Jamesbrah

    Jamesbrah TS Enthusiast Posts: 60   +12

    I dont know if you're a blackberry fanboy or something, but the vast majority of users in business do not care about anything apart from how the phone looks and feels. unless you are in a business that has very strict security, most business will just go with apple/android (mostly apple).

    I'm talking about BUSINESS ENVIRONMENTS. not all users. the fact of the matter is due to the marketshare of all smartphone sales around the world, the majority prefer either apple or android. this translates even moreso into the business world, where typically businesses have made the unfortunate transition away from blackberry devices which was the norm several years ago.

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