TDK starts mass production of transparent organic displays


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TDK has started mass production of a newly developed see-through passive matrix Quarter Video Graphics Array (QVGA) organic electroluminescent (EL) display, primarily aimed at mobile phones and other mobile electronic…

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Why do I want a display that is going to be HARDER to see when I am texting or watching video content? Unless they are giving me my glasses with appropriate HUD that somehow are able to be in focus, this seems like a waste in its current implementation.



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That is cool... but why would I want a transparent display. I think after the first week of the "ooooohhh" and "aaahhhh" factor it will then become pointless and annoying. Now if there would be a way to adjust the level of opacity, then I can see it being useful. For most situations you would use full opacity, but occasionally you may find it useful to use partial transparency.

PinothyJ made an interesting point though, using this for a HUD in a vehicle or aircraft could have a lot of advantages. A full color display instead of the common mono HUD's. Maybe soon the days of an instrument panel would be ancient history, and our tach and speed would be displayed directly on the windscreen, with... wait for it, adjustable opacity setting. I'd be sold on that one...


I believe Apple is keen on utilising it in their soon to be released version 8. There are some apps already in the wings. There's the iEar, where passers-by get to look at an augmented reality earring for those rather fetching girly boys, and wax build-up viewer for them menly men. There's also an accessory, the iBlock which clips onto the back and front of the transparent display to give extra special privacy, so you don't endup looking like their latest iPrick.


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It would be great for all those people you see walking around with their head down while texting.