Team Fortress 2 community raises over $300,000 for Japan


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Last week Valve announced an initiative to raise money for Japan's earthquake relief efforts via three limited edition in-game hats available for purchase at Team Fortress 2's Mann Co Store. The Japan-themed items include the "Humanitarian's Hachimaki" for $7.99, the "Benefactor's Kanmuri" for $19.99 and the "Magnanimous Monarch" for a generous $99.99 -- all of which can be equipped by any class but not traded or used in crafting.

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Its great when you get a story like this through the plethora of "******* 1" sues "******* 2" stories that seem to be all too common our days.


I guess the 300k is relatively more from a smaller TF2 community than the 3+ million by zynga.

Both nice effort tho.


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Very cool ideas. Giving people virtual items which don't cost much to make is a great idea. While altruistic people will give anyway, this will probably snag additional donors. Plus its a great way to recognize someone's contribution, like a "I gave blood" sticker.

There is a lot of old IP out there that isn't worth that much anymore that could be used for charity purposes. Donate so much money and you can get movies, games, etc. IMO the end result of donations is better than the motivations of the donors.


I'm a Japanese reader of this site.

I great appreciate their help regarding this matter X)