Tech Tip of the Week: How to Change the Logon Screen Wallpaper on Windows 7

By Julio Franco ยท 84 replies
Nov 27, 2009
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  1. compdata

    compdata TechSpot Paladin Posts: 529   +7

    Definitely going to take a look at this. Thanks.
  2. Great --- BUT --- the OEMbackground registry value set itself back to after a few restarts and I have to change it back. Is this only happen to me??? Running Windows 7 64-bit.
  3. Big thanks LightHeart! Missed your post - the second registry line is essential and did the trick,
  4. I don't use a Tool for this action. Only copy a jpg with max. 254kb as backgrounddefault.jpg to C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds and change the following in registry
    OEMBackground DWORD 0x00000001

    It works fine and dosn't reset to normal screen
  5. Why is it not working for me? :(
  6. hey thanks!!! this makes my log on cool always with my favorite wallpapers haha!!! Thanks very much!
  7. Naming the replacement background image as BackgroundDefault.jpg didn't work for my laptop (Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit). There are several other background image files for different screen resolutions, and naming the replacement backgound image as one of these (Background1760x768.jpg, which is not my maximum screen resolution) worked.
  8. This was great. Thank you!
  9. this program is easy to download, no viruses no gimmicks, i love my non boring backgroud, i tend to change it up a bit for variety, i reccommend this program to anyone who wants to change the logon screen
  10. Thank you so much! I was just about to give into my brother in law to help me change the background when I found you. I decided to go all old-fashioned and do it the hard way instead of downloading yet another piece of software, and it took me a while, mainly because I didn't notice the file size at first and I had to re-go through all the steps to see what I did wrong, but I did it! I feel so pro XD
  11. Thanks! This really helped. :D
  12. Great guide -- I have just one complaint. You have an image that seems to imply that the background image's name should be defaultBackground.jpg, but it doesn't work unless it's backgroundDefault.jpg. This tripped me up for about a minute before I reread the article.
  13. I'm working on the bitmap gark with this. Just changed my PC's logon spash welcome screen via a quick take ownership of the files with this, then did a solid color with Windows paint, since that's my pref. It was fast, easy, didn't even have to change the registry value with the OEM installed. Now logon stays one color cept' for the boot screen deal, which am attacking next. Probably just a bitmap changeover internal same as I did the OEM & Windows/Microsoft files. Don't do this though unless you are familiar with internals to your PC very well, plus I over-wrote the files, and once it's done it's done. For me was a cut/dry issue but have worked with computers very long time, for others recommend backup, and known tweeks/tricks posted to net. Just another quirk way I knew, sort of a side door way to differ from known methods.
  14. i need help, i used tweaks but now i can't use wifi sync with my iPhone because of the third party software, plus in the picture it displays defaultBackground.jpg, but in the description it says backgroundDefault.jpg, neither worked..
  15. thnxxx matthews
  16. The manual instructions worked like a charm. Thank you!!!
  17. Or you can do it manually... which is.. fun!:D it gives you something to kill time with while getting to know your computer a little better and understanding the complexity of this marvelous machine!!
  18. Works great and sure is better that the boring default background. One problem I'v encounted is that when I enable a new background my windows logon and logoff sounds stop working until I change back to default. Any ideas why??
  19. Only just found this method. Does it have to be a JPEG? And why does it have to be smaller than 248kb?
  20. Just what I needed.
    Thanks alot!
  21. SaxonKnight

    SaxonKnight TS Rookie

    I changed mine manually now my graphics card is acting up.Is there a way to change it back to default? PLZ HELP
  22. the map info already excist in my case. What should I do?
    The map has 112 folders and 43 files.
  23. Captainbinkman

    Captainbinkman TS Rookie

    The Info and background folder are already there and the background image I'm trying to replace will not let me. Says I need permission from TrustedInstaller???? Is there another way to change the windows logon screen?
  24. StarFireWinds

    StarFireWinds TS Rookie

    This is really neat, but it seems there already is a folder there labeled "Info", so should I just have "info" overwrite it?
  25. ucould2

    ucould2 TS Guru Posts: 271

    ,,,I had the same intrusion/instruction from the O/S,,,

    Also I noticed that there is another file in the at this address C:\Windows\SysWOW64\oobe\info\background.bmp, which matches the file used as the splash screen it's 2.25Mb. I tried to change permissions but was denied?

    I even tried changing the file type to a .bmp instead of the .jpg with -NO- change in the Logon splash screen

    The Microsoft page is as old as this original post/tip have they changed the permissions?

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