Tech Tip of the Week: Install Over 50 Freeware Apps Hands-Free with Ninite

By Jos · 16 replies
Nov 12, 2009
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  1. A nifty new service called Ninite circumvents much of this pesky process by allowing you to select, download, and automatically install over 50 popular applications in a single location. All of the programs are free, and will cover almost every category you can think of. It's not useless stuff either, we have featured many of these programs as our download of the week.

    This week's tip: Install Over 50 Freeware Apps Hands-Free with Ninite
  2. njel

    njel TS Rookie Posts: 24

    I tested it a few weeks ago. It was a pleasure. Really impressive and useful if you have some computers or Virtual Machine to reinstall and you want the last version of the software.
    Give it a try and you will see.
  3. shaga

    shaga TS Rookie

    I made an account here just to say that this is really a tip of the life. It makes me want to reinstall my windows. :)
  4. slh28

    slh28 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,706   +172

    Does this make you go through all the installation options for each program or does it just stick with the default settings? Maybe it's just me but I kinda like selecting the tickboxes when I install software :p An example would be vlc, where if you select the option to display vlc in the right click context menu on setup, it's practically impossible to remove them after you have installed it.
  5. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 2,653   +1,092

    I suggested a few apps that i want them to add to their list. The more the better.
  6. Kibaruk

    Kibaruk TechSpot Paladin Posts: 3,285   +901

    Indeed it is very useful, but you advertised this already =s
  7. Kibaruk

    Kibaruk TechSpot Paladin Posts: 3,285   +901

    Although, it would be much much more useful if it let you download everything to a file and then just run it.

    If you have to download everything when you want to install things, it loose some of it's cool.
  8. ET3D

    ET3D TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,375   +168

    It installs with default settings, which makes it less useful for me. I might still use it for other people PC's or my work PC's. I might suggest a few apps.
  9. Great software. The no-toolbar installation is awesome, but I think I'll pass since it installs default options...I usually got for the advanced settings.

    Bookmarked it, in case needed. Thanks for sharing
  10. shaga

    shaga TS Rookie

    I also usually do stuff manually by most advanced way but if there's possibility to make life this easy.. I might be ticked to use this "tool".

    Advertised for a whole group of noobs this already. :)
  11. It seem a very nice utility, I think that we already spend too much time to install, reinstall, uninstall programs and SO, so every thing that make user life easier is welcome, not only for newbies.
  12. telgroc

    telgroc TS Rookie

    this is a phenomenal idea, definitely will keep this in mind next time I reinstall
  13. Julio Franco

    Julio Franco TechSpot Editor Posts: 7,668   +988

    Like many of you I like to configure my software on installation, but then considering there are at least 5-10 programs I install from the current list at Ninite, it can still save me time by only downloading manually those that I need to, and then going for the rest in bulk.

    One way or another high props to the developers of that site for the idea.
  14. AbsolutGaloot

    AbsolutGaloot TS Rookie Posts: 92

    Holy crap that is awesome. The similar service is why I love Steam so much, I just tell it to go get my games overnight, and they're all installed and ready to go in the morning. I wish I would have known about this before I installed Windows 7, it would have made everything much smoother. Here's to hoping that this stays popular and is around for my next reinstall :)
  15. WakeMO

    WakeMO TS Rookie Posts: 18

    I'm going to have to check this out. Iv had to reinstall my operating system 4 times in the last year so hopefully this will save me some time
  16. supportme

    supportme TS Rookie Posts: 31

    This is one of the most useful and innovative service in recent times.
  17. i will check this out. hope it will works

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