The Best 4K Gaming Monitors: 27-Inch, 32-Inch, 4K and OLED

Love these type of articles, but they seem to be missing a key item. Warranty and dead pixel policy.

I find it outstanding that most high end monitors find it acceptable to have a number of dead pixels on arrival. In some cases bright pixels.
I bought two Aorus FI32U (near identical to the M32U) and I have been very happy. Windows isn't always sure how to render text correctly and I did have to fiddle with 3rd party Cleartype alternatives (BetterClearTypeTuner/MacType) to make it look best, but still miles better than text on my LG 27GR95QE OLED.
I have had little issues with my Samsung Odyssey Ark, and it's 4k. The colors are bright and the blacks are very black. I love how content looks on it, the 1000R curve, and it has all the features that are sought after in a gaming monitor. I don't care that it costs 2k+, this article is about the best 4k out there, but is missing one of the top 3 available. I don't understand why the LG bendable monitor is missing from this list as it's pretty much the same as the LG C3, but made for gaming.