The Best CPUs - 2023 Update

I've got the 7950X3D and it really is the ultimate CPU at the moment. It's shockingly power efficient for the performance, I went for it over the 7800X3D because I do a lot of Handbrake transcoding and like to mess about in the latest Unreal 5 Editor.

Due to its price, I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who's primarily gaming, the 7800X3D is absolutely the king of the gaming hill at the moment, only built one machine with it so far but it really is the CPU to go for.

The AM5 platform as well, with at least another two generations of CPU's to be released on it, I don't know why you'd go Intel to be honest. Just means when I feel like upgrading the 7950X3D in 5-6 years time, I'll have something to upgrade to without changing anything else.
FYI 7800X3D fell to $379 and comes with a new Game code for Starfield game.
At microcenter this comes to $361 after 5% membership discount.
Bestbuy $399.99 as well as B&h
Newegg $384.99 after $15 off code on website product page.