The best gaming pad?

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Sep 29, 2012
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  1. Ok, so I have a list, the best of the ones that I know which fit to my liking with the smoothing and skiting, I want it to be smooth as SteelSeries SX cause it was the best, but after 3-4 years of 2 sets they are not making it anymore and what I have has lost the smoothing on some areas which is annoying, the middle areas.

    So I am looking for the 1 best one to buy, and it must support Laser mice cause I saw that some aren't or ppl say they doesn't work as good with optical.

    SteelSeries SP Gaming MousePad
    SteelSeries S&S
    Pegasus Rigid Gaming Mouse Pad
    SteelSeries 9HD

    Mionix Sargas 320 Material: Durable, smooth and flexible microfiber

    Mionix Propus 380 Material: PVC-plastic base

    Mionix Ensis 320 Material: Aluminium alloy

    and is this glidez are better than the SteelSeries ones ?

    I am preferring the Mionix Ensis 320 cause its aluminum just like the SteelSeries SX , so it's like even better and cheaper.

    The thing is, what is better for Laser Mices ? Cloth - Plastic - aluminum ?
  2. bluebob951

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    Plastics are the best for lasers, I have a g700 also and use a standard anti-static mat from office depot for my mouse, I like the slight pull it take to get the mouse moving. You really have to try them until you like one, everyone likes a different feel.There are even differences into the smooth gliding ones. Mionix Propus 380 looks good to me.
  3. x7007

    x7007 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    And what do you think then on the Ensis ? Aluminum is more durable they say, so it will last longer and should be more precise
  4. bluebob951

    bluebob951 TS Member Posts: 57

    What sensitivity do you use the mouse at, if you use it at 5700DPI then I would say go right ahead and get the aluminum. I personally think plastics are more durable when it come to getting scratched and stuff dropped on them. If you do the aluminum just don;t drop anything on it. :]
  5. x7007

    x7007 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I am using 1000DPI highest for gaming and 40 when I need sniping mode.
  6. bluebob951

    bluebob951 TS Member Posts: 57

    I would just go for the aluminum one, it's not that much more expensive. Dang, 40dpi is low, even for snipping how long does that take to move anywhere on the screen.
  7. x7007

    x7007 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    In gaming when you need to aim like 1000 meters far, nothing more precise than 400dpi, the slow moving is when you need to aim at the person head or to blow something afar. When I go assault I put 1000dpi so I can aim fast and turn around if needs too, but still keeping the control without over aiming anything, or recalibrating the movement over and over slower or less jumpy, time is survival.

    Edit : and yes I ordered the aluminum one, I hope I will be happy with gaming, cause it's impossible to have fun without doing headshots easy lol

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