The Best Mouse: Power User, Gaming, Wireless, Ergonomic


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I used to buy expensive brand name mice. They all still wore out. Now I buy cheap $15 mice. I don't need a gazillion dpi of sensitivity. I just need something that has good smooth movement. For me the cheap ones works as good as the expensive ones. I'm convinced for the most part that the cheap ones have the same parts as the expensive ones.
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I hate mouse with wire. So for me wireless gaming is the option. For that I have right now logitech G700s and G903 Lightspeed. Before them I have had G7 and G700 until they are worren down.
I had g700 I think. I used it for a while without wire but then switched back to cable mode because it felt better in games


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is this piece on antique hardware? I upgraded to a Mac in 2011, went with track pad after a little reticence, and being convinced by my daughter who worked for Apple. Never looking back. Its like touch, but without reaching cross the screen, and no smudges on your beautiful display. Mouse? yah, so 90s.

Maybe gamers?


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I'd stay away from the Logitech g502 if you play online fps games that require fast reactions. Too heavy for that. Logitech g403 is a good substitute. In general, Logitech and Razer are 2 safe brands for mice.


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Honestly, I've been using the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S for quite a while now and I love it. It is very responsive and can survive for a long time on such a short charging period(5 minutes = 2 months, according to box). Recommended!


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is this piece on antique hardware? I upgraded to a Mac in 2011, went with track pad after a little reticence, and being convinced by my daughter who worked for Apple. Never looking back. Its like touch, but without reaching cross the screen, and no smudges on your beautiful display. Mouse? yah, so 90s.

Maybe gamers?
Gamers most definitely. I can't stand a track/touch pad. Painfully slow, jumps the mouse around the screen, and gets dirty. Not to mention that while I type, my thumb touches it, which causes text to get highlighted and wipes out a whole sentence/paragraph. Makes me have to retype the whole thing again. I would say I almost get the dry heaves trying to use a track pad, not to mention try using a laptop with one. I always carry a mouse.
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I had one of those, didn't like it. moved on from it. wireless problems.
Kept mine wired.

My issue is I missed PC gaming after Doom; I never graduated to WSAD, and to this day I still use the arrow keys for movement. As a result, I need mice with multiple buttons to make up for the lack of buttons near where my hands are. The G700 was good when it worked (which sadly wasn't for very long). By contrast, I'm still getting used to the G502's button placement, which just seems odd.

Colby Deane

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Still using a 10+ year-old MX 518. Best mouse I've ever owned.
I hear that. I've had two of those from the time they came out, and changed about 6 months ago. I got the G502 Proteus, and I actually like it a little better. Surprised me.

I don't use any of the weights myself.


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Razer products, as always, are prohibitively and unnecessarily expensive. I had two Razer mice which died within a couple of months. I know for many, they last, but I never had good experience. First I bought it, since I thought, since it's expensive, it must be good and of good quality. On the other hand, Logitech never failed me. Been using them since the days of serial mice. These things are built to last, and not f-king expensive like Razer ripoffs.


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I've spend way to much money in the past on mice. I know there are some clever looking mice out there. But really stop and think? Why would you need to spend more money on a fancy mouse.

I have Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll Ring (K72337US) wired mouse still going never fails me. Fell off the bed and still works but the trackball seems to pop off and roll around. LOL

Logitech G Series - had it didn't last as long as I had hope..
Logitech M Series - lasted pretty long but after hard usage it too fail.
I had a few Logitech Trackball Blue/Red Marble Roller ball mice the seem to quick on me as well. Even shelled out for the top of the line which was Wireless failed too. Harmony remotes can take so much after they fail too.

I got everything Logitech here even Wireless keyboards for gaming and those fail as well. Even their best one for $80 bucks just quit on me after 5 years.

Now for my all my needs I am using drum roll please!

Five and Below Store just opened here: Got there wireless keyboard and wireless mice both $5 each.
I've been testing the range from my HDTV to where I sit on my couch more than 12 feet away. No issues typing this right now on $5 Wireless keyboard. The Wireless Mouse for $5 has on off stand-by feature by click the left button you can turn back on the mouse it goes to sleep. Not bad for just $5 bucks. I going to get these two for the Master bedroom is just setup like the living room. Might get some for my gaming system. Can't beat $5 today! Oh one more thing the mouse works on pure marble table table as well. I've tested it on the couch as well.


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Logitech G900 I've had it for a bit now and it's still superior to all the Razors I've bought and sold because they don't act or feel right and their optics are substandard in my opinion.


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I believe the upcoming touch mouses could be the best one to avoid button problems. But even though they also must have a time limit .


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I just keep buying new and used G700 from eBay. I've had about four... for me they last a long time, and the grip, feel, and button layout can't be beat. I wish they'd update it for better battery life and better longevity.

I will just keep buying them though...


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I strongly disagree with this list. The "best" gaming mouse for me is none of these. Why?

- The ones with "wings" that suspend the thumb keep me from feeling movement across the desk. It is also uncomfortable.
- "Wings" also keep me from gripping the mouse solidly for intense and quick reaction moments.
- "Wings" also make it more difficult to pick the mouse up for times where I need to slide it further than I have desk space. To pick it up and slide it more to the side (such as spinning around more than once in a FPS).
- Mice with buttons where the thumb is means I will accidentally push them during quick movements. It really screws my game up.
- A second downer is that buttons are uncomfortable as they are not a flat surface.
- A heavy mouse means more sluggish movement. I want the lightest mouse possible for quickest and most accurate response.

The most basic mouse is best for me. I have returned several "gamer" mice that actually made my gaming worse. Razer is boycotted also because they require personal information plus an account just to change their mice from the default rainbow color.


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I would say that the DeathAdder 5G more resembles the G403 Hero than the G502/Hero. I've had and used them all old n Hero models. G502 Hero is a good mouse but for a more direct comparison I'd say the G403 Hero and DA 5G are more alike and equal to each other.


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I'm thinking I might have to bribe Santa to bring me a G604 for this holiday season. I've been using the G602 for years since I travel often - those extra thumb buttons are highly useful when programmed for SolidWorks shortcuts. But, using it with my little 2-in-1 laptop has been problematic (only 2 USB ports and 1 of those ports already has the dongle for my SpaceMouse). Since they added Bluetooth connectivity with the G604, my interest has been piqued.