The Best Smartphones 2020


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I just bought a Samsung S10+ for $550 last month. That's a much better deal compared to many of these recommendations. And, it still has a headphone jack.


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I LOVE my iPhone 12 Pro Max!

The design is remarkable.

But I can only give it 4/5 stars because it lacks 1TB storage and TouchID.

If the iPhone 13 has those features it will be PERFECT.

(I don’t care about 120Hz displays)


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iPhone 12 Pro and Pro 5G is okay at the high end because of that processor. But why didn't you check out the Sony Xperia 5 II? It has sapphire glass and that in my view really counts at the high end along with other numerous specs and features.


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My Oppo F5 from 2017 still works, so I don't plan to upgrade anytime soon. I do want to upgrade to a midrange Pixel phone someday as long as it retains the compact size of its predecessors.
Is your oppo using color OS? I ditched my oppo because of that OS. It wasn't compatible to a very important app which I needed to install.


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Please also include the phones with the longest lasting battery. Some of us just want to have at least 10% of Nokia 3310's endurance.

Maybe I'm getting old, but don't like how the teens nowadays are actually "tethered" to the walls wherever the power sockets are situated, at the malls or airports or wherever. Or how the phone needs to be charged every night (and/or day).

And for me, iPhones are overpriced. Hugely overpriced. Always has been. And getting worse.


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I don't think Techspot people know what "value" means unless including Xiaomi phones.

For example the Redmi Note 9S. It includes almost everything being dropped nowadays - headphone jack, IR blaster and a comfortable 5020mAh battery. The CPU is not the most powerful - only SD 720G (we're talking about value here, right?) but will zoom through all apps with ease with 6GB RAM and 128GB space and sold at about $280.

Proposition Joe

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Hard to create a best of list when it comes to smartphones. A lot of Americans will never get to try other options, which are available to the rest of the world because of current political conditions.


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For under $200 bucks I'd have gone for the Oppo A5 over the moto G8 So I did @ $189NZD it has a better screen a bigger battery better audio
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For under $200 bucks I'd have gone for the Oppo A5 over the moto G8 So I did @ $189NZD it has a better screen a bigger battery better audio
Is the software support their though? I remember reading that Motorola give at least 2 years of updates.