The course you need to master CompTIA's Advanced Security certification

  1. Tech innovations come and go, but cyber-security is forever. If you’re the one who can analyze and assure the safety and stability of your company’s IT systems, well... you can feel secure about your career prospects, too.

    There’s no clearer path to a stable future as an IT security professional than certification. CompTIA-certified is an industry-leading standard for tech pros, so become a CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner with this certification course, now available for $25.99 -- 90% off -- in the TechSpot Store.

    The course will take you through 17 sections that will help you design, create and manage advanced security solutions tailored to any company’s needs, including business influences and associated security risks, risk mitigation planning, security-privacy policies and procedures, etc.

    Once you master the coursework, you’ll be ready to take and ace the CASP certification exam, then reap the resume-boosting rewards. This course usually goes for $262, so get in on the $200+ discount now.

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  2. Azeemkoralli

    Azeemkoralli TS Rookie

    How do I join the course ?

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