The crypto winter gets colder: more job losses, warnings of Bitcoin falling to $5,000...

Just for the sake of "argument", suppose you did a simple, one operation calculation. IE: 2 + 2 = 4. So, a single operation is a "math problem", using only one function of the greater whole, "mathematics.

If you can't buy into that, how about if we agree that "mathematics", is the overarching, inclusive, descriptor, or noun, encompassing the whole field.

Still, to form an abbreviation, you don't have to tack on the the "s" at en end to imply it.

The reason US English is less pretentious than traditional English is, it was designed to be so. I find modern slang spellings to be obnoxious as well. "Ur" for "your", and so forth. In truth, texting, graffiti, and rap music, has even degraded the US English you find offensive, to the point where it offends me.

As for "color" vs. "colour", I often use those, "our" spellings when I'm conversing with "friendsfrom the empire", as a matter of friendship and respect.

Still, the Brits haven't quite caught on to our "Z", in any appreciable way. It's "fantasize", not "fantasise".

Both 'fantasise' and 'fantasize' are equally correct in Standard British English. However, only 'fantasize' is permitted in standard American usage.

Moving back to "colour" vs "color", the Brits drop the "u" when modifying the base word. So, "humour", becomes, "humoring", no matter which side of "the pond", you're on.

To keep this on topic. bitcoin is still, and always be, a "pump and dump", or, " "find a bigger fool," or a "Ponze scheme". Which is not to say that many people haven't made a lot of money from it. It's just the massive toll it's taking on newcomers to the "sport".

The best reply I can give you to this is, "yup. we're all still peasants on this bus". (But at least we have a bus). :rolleyes: No more will only the fortunate few have donkeys to ride. (y) (Y)
Well I used maths because it is usually more than one formation. It's never as simple as 1+1=2.
Most of the time I don't mind slang, as long as I understand what I am reading and isn't too degrading. As in, if it is to quickly write something out, I can appreciate that, but if that's just how you talk/write, it hurts to read it..
For me, it is how you sound it out, so fantasise is right because I pronounce the S and not a Z. Some with "our" and not "or".

But you are right, about the less "educated" degrading English standards.

Yes back on topic.
In that respect then, is the $ just a dump scheme? Only those with heaps of it can survive it going down continuously while the rest are forced to continue to work their a$$ off to keep the same value over many years.

I have hope things will change, but from what little years I have been alive and all the things I read about society in history, that hope keeps becoming smaller. So I guess I'll use the tools that are metals, crypto, stocks or whatever to better my situation and not rely so much on the government that precisely relies on the people to stay under their control to continue their game and financial gain.
What's the value behind dollar, again? I can exchange it back to gold, right...? right...?
Yes, you can buy gold with Crypto or $ or Eur or Yem

If you had bought gold, it and other precious metal has increased significantly while crypto searches for a bottom. It is a commodity whose price that fluctuates yet generally it keeps up with inflation over 60 year, Crypto is an unregulated product that has no value other than speculative. How many people have lost all of their Crypto money, in the last year? Millions, how many people owning gold lost all of their investment money owing precious metals, ZERO. And that money was lost due to lack of regulation and most will get little or nothing back. Based on investing with unethical people who scam Crypto because there are no laws protecting the conumers of Crypto.
Math is singular. So doesn't really make sense. Maths as in mathematics makes more sense. Americans have always had stupid spelling in my opinion. Guess that's why majority of english speaking countries rather the english from UK than USA.
Hence why my country uses it. Don't get me wrong, some words I prefer USA spelling. But not when it comes to maths. Or colour. Or I guess most words with "or" instead of "our" because of the sounding out of it.

Apples to oranges? it's about store of value. Holding something for years just for it to fall continuously (basically what inflation is, more so this year) Bitcoin as a currency over multiple years has been a better store of value. Fact.

I just hope we can all agree governments do not really have the people's best interest when it comes to money.

Are you serious, a great store of value is not easly stolen with no recourse,
Are you serious, a great store of value is not easly stolen with no recourse,
Please tell me, which bitcoin were stolen? If you are referring to the bitcoins held on exchanges, then that's like saying a bank holding your cash goes bankrupt then can't pay you back because the millionaires and billionaires get paid first. They haven't stolen that cash, you just trusted someone to hold it while they make terrible business decisions. (of course, not all exchanges were like that, some did actually steal the crypto on there, but that's where doing your own research comes into play and staying away from leverage exchanges is a good idea.)

Everything is easily stolen. Bitcoin are not if you know anything about bitcoin.
Are you serious, a great store of value is not easly stolen with no recourse,
Did you fall asleep during 2008?
So many lost everything because banks were making the housing market a damn casino and I think 1 person went to jail. No real recourse you say? God damn you have been asleep for a while.
As bad as crypto may seem, the traditional monetary system is way worse. And it is about to get even worse with the help of Centralised Bank Digital Currencies. Basically crypto controlled by banks. What could go wrong!?

I'll keep my Bitcoin thanks.