The first Whole Foods with Amazon's Just Walk Out shopping tech opens in Washington D.C.

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In brief: The 21,500-square-foot store isn’t much different from any other Whole Foods location. The store features a wide variety of products - many of which come directly from local suppliers - with a focus on healthy eating. What is different is the recent integration of Just Walk Out technology, allowing shoppers to skip the register for a faster and more convenient experience.

Amazon as promised has brought its Just Walk Out technology to a Whole Foods store in Washington D.C.’s Glover Park neighborhood.

To utilize Just Walk Out tech, simply scan in using your Whole Foods or Amazon app upon entry (you can also use a credit card linked to your Amazon account or the Amazon One biometrics system). Then, shop as you normally would and bag items as you go.

Through a combination of computer vision, sensor fusion and deep learning, the tech can detect which items you’ve taken from the shelves and add them to your virtual cart. Upon exit, scan out with the same payment method you used to enter and your receipt will be sent to your e-mail inbox.

Shoppers not interested in using JWO tech can pay for their items via traditional self-checkout lines, and don't have to be Prime subscribers.

The Glover Park store is the first of two expected to open this year utilizing Amazon’s shopping tech; the other will be in Sherman Oaks, California.

Don't be surprised to see the tech at other retailers, either, as Amazon sells it to others for a fee. Resorts World in Las Vegas also uses the tech, as does the Hudson Nonstop shop at Dallas Love Field Airport.

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I've seen a lot of this 'just walk out' at my local chain pharmacy stores but I don't think they have the amazon technology installed yet.


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It won't last once theft takes away all their profits. They won't walk out, they'll run out with their bags full and there won't be anyone to stop the brazen criminals.
Yeah, just dont take your phone in and there is literally nothing amazon can do to you. Once the locals figure that out all bets are off.