Why it matters: Amazon is looking to monetize its cashier-free retail experience, which it is now calling Just Walk Out technology, by offering it to other retailers. Its success will ultimately depend on how consumers react to the new tech but if it is a hit, Amazon could have a lucrative new revenue stream on its hands.

As explained on Amazon’s newly launched landing page, the revised tech will allow shoppers to enter a store using a credit card – no app or Amazon account necessary. Just Walk Out will detect items that shoppers take or return to the shelves, keeping track of everything in a virtual cart. Once they leave, their card will be charged for the items purchased.

Those who require a physical receipt can pick one up at an in-store kiosk. Optionally, you can elect to have a digital receipt e-mailed over. Returns are handled by the retailer on an individual basis, as usual, the company notes.

Amazon said the tech can be installed in a store in as little as a few weeks. They supply all of the necessary hardware and software to enable the checkout-free experience and provide the retailer with 24/7 phone and e-mail support. It is up to the retailer to operate the store with their own selection of goods and staff it accordingly, meaning retailers can’t simply open and operate their own Amazon Go store.

The e-commerce giant isn’t talking pricing as a lot of the early deals already in place are bespoke, said Dilip Kumar, Amazon’s vice president of physical retail and technology. Interested business owners are encouraged to fire off an e-mail for more information.

Masthead credit: David Ryder, Getty Images