The Ryzen 7 3800x cpu

After reading a lot reviews on the Ryzen 7 3800x saying how it was not worth the extra money and recommending we get the 3700x instead because performance difference was very slight between the two and the 3700x could be easily overclocked to match the 3800x I have to mention that
the Ryzen 7 3800x, on black Friday weekend and cyber Monday, sold out on Amazon, Best Buy, and Microcenter when it went on sale for $329.99.
The Microcenter store and Best Buy stores I refer to are in the south Jersey, Delaware and south eastern Pa area near where I live (south jersey).
With the price drop the 3800x vanished from store shelves. The 3700x, for $299.00, was readily available. At less money the 3800x became the hot seller.
My thinking is that only its price was holding it back. At the same price almost as the 3700x the 3800x was the CPU everybody went for.
Just sayin …………...


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I think that customers will go for the better option if the price is only slightly higher. Afaik the same thing happened when the 3600X was on sale and only cost a few bucks more than the 3600.

Julio Franco

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We looked at that pair in depth. Pricing may have varied but the performance stands: