The Sims: 22 Years and Counting


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Had a blast back then playing Sims 1 and even the DSI version, but when second came out it started to lose its charm.
Don't get me wrong, I still own Sims 2 and 3, but the time I played them is so insignificant compared to the first one it might as well be non-existent.
I wonder if we could "measure" popularity of this series, how would the graph look like?
Does anyone seriously care anymore? I mean other than core audience.

A lot of Sims user "content" feels like "Baby shark, Nursery rhymes, that Spiderman/Elsa themed videos that exploited young children watching YouTube etc.


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Tried but too repetitive. Life is usually repetitive and that's good so I decided on life vs game


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Played it a little back in the "dialup" days, but since you couldn't nuke something, why bother.
Now, I'm sure there are a ton of mods/cheats to do all sorts of things, but like everything else,
it is probably "woke".


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Always wanted to play but never had the time (or maybe motivation to play it). This, coming from someone who played the original Simcity a lot.

So, is the Sims 2 the best version?


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Funny article. Since, in case you didn't know, our world isn't real. We're Sims version 979.5 beta.


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One question each person on this little planet has to ask himself is:

"Am I controlled by a real player, or am I just an NPC."

(and TBH, it's hard to say which is worse)


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I spent way to many hours playing Simcity when it first came out, such a great game when it released.